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 Juice Technology Ltd

Juice Technology Limited, a multi-award winning research and development company founded in 2001, has developed game changing, patented energy management and control technologies for driving LED light sources that will transform and enable the acceleration of the multi-billion dollar LED lighting markets.

This capability has led to the realisation of key technologies, specifically within power processing and distribution and the control of lighting appliances.

Juice Technology recognises the critical importance of reducing the system power input whilst increasing light output. It also recognises the need to reduce the material and component content of any appliances whilst extending their life. Juice is very conscious of the environmental impact of all lighting appliances and recognises the huge savings in energy and consequent reduction in carbon emissions achieved through the use of LEDs in place of existing Incandescent or Compact Fluorescent Lamps.

However, Juice believes that the market cannot be driven totally by regulation or subsidy and has moved toward being driven by consumer desire to combine the environmental benefit of a LED light source with an aesthetically pleasing design and crucially at a price which is realistic. To that end Juice believe that they have achieved the above key requirements and have the capability, the necessary technology and the expertise to increasingly challenge the cost base, leading the market in cost efficiencies of any LED product produced.

It has therefore set itself the goal of becoming the leading provider of energy management technology and systems for LED lighting using Juice’s patented power and control techniques.

Juice has patents granted and pending for its key technologies (Power, Power control, Contactless connections) across global markets. The first mainstream products have just been launched into the US lighting Marketplace via the Juice / Generation Brands Joint Venture company JuiceWorks LLC. The product range consists of a Surface Mount LED Downlights, a Retrofit Surface Mount LED Downlights and a Linear LED Track system. Click here to see the product range which contains the underlining technology that enables power and control techniques to create efficient lighting.