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 Intelligent Lighting Systems

The drive for more energy and cost efficient lighting systems is in high demand. Lighting that is not only more energy efficient the traditional lighting methods, but also reduces costs.

The use of control technology, dimming, daylight equalisation, movement detection to schedule power management through control and dimming of lights can greatly improve efficiency going forwards.

Control systems are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. The systems can detect variations in the building and compensate accordingly. Juice has developed technologies that work with buildings control systems.

Daylight compensation systems or daylight equalisation systems allow the brightness of lights to be adjusted automatically to provide a comfortable living and working environment. The unique dimming features developed by Juice mean that energy can be saved by dimming the lighting all the way down to 7% of the brightness.

Motion sensors can be used to ensure that lights are only used when necessary, this reduces wastage. The Juice distribution power supply enables simple parallel set up and has control over all the lighting on the system. This level of control means that the user can customise the system to perform in the optimum manner.

Intelligent techniques increase efficiency and reduce cost