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 Juice Future Lighting Solutions

 Welcome to Juice Technology Limited


Juice Technology – leading cost and performance in power, control and lighting

Working in partnership with some of the world’s major lighting OEMs, Juice has developed a strong portfolio of patented technologies to enable its partners to grow leading market positions in the rapidly growing LED fixture market. These technologies include:

• Highest efficiency dimmable LED lighting solutions (up to 92% power processing efficiency)
• Dimmable from <10 to 100% using standard leading or trailing edge dimmers
• Contactless power and control connections creating simple and safe systems
• Efficient low cost thermal management solutions
• World class optical solutions

Using these technologies the company has created a range of LED modules providing unique advantages to luminaire manufacturers combining a flexible low thermal resistivity substrate with distributed devices to create ideal area and ambient lighting as well as directional illumination. Added to Juice's power supply solutions and novel optics the company is building a comprehensive range of components to suit OEM's requirements.


Juice Technology Limited is an innovative, research and development company which primarily focuses on LED lighting. The driving force is the need for low energy lighting coupled with increased performance, reduced cost and superior efficiency.

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Working towards this aim Juice has developed and patented ground-breaking technologies that improve the efficacy over competitor's LED lighting.

By using high frequency constant current drivers with synchronous rectification. Juice technology benefits from increased thermal, optical and electrical performance.

Juice takes a holistic view towards lighting and is working with power and control systems that will further increase the efficiency and flexibility. These include driving large area LED arrays and LED chips in parallel, dimming applications and contactless connections.

Lighting for a Sustainable Future

In today’s society we are all very conscious of the impact we are having on the environment. In order to ensure a sustainable future it is important to make the right decisions that reduce the impact on the environment by looking at energy consumption, CO2 emissions and waste.

Due to the latest advances using LEDs for lighting is a now a far more environmentally friendly, energy efficient and economically viable option. This is increasingly the case when compared with traditional methods, including fluorescent and halogen lighting without compromising lighting performance.

LEDs now produce high levels of brightness using a significantly reduced amount of power with Juice's latest designs achieving 90 Lumens per Watt, nearly 10 x traditional incandescent lamps.

Juice has worked to reduce the number of components needed to produce the light. LEDs contain no environmentally harmful substances and with incredibly long life expectancy the impact on the environment is minimised.

Juice’s understanding and expertise in all the disciplines involved in designing and manufacturing LED luminaire; optics, thermal management, power and control ensure the ground breaking techniques maximize light output whilst minimising energy consumption and consequent carbon emissions.

Comparison with existing lighting

This chart shows the Juice Surface Mount Downlight compared to equivalent rivals the 18W TC-D (compact fluorescent light, CFL) and QPAR16 (halogen light).



18W TC-D


Lamp Type

Juice LED







Input Power (Watt)




Lumens per Watt




Lifetime (Hours)




LED Technology Benefits

Environmentally Friendly

Juice Technology Ltd has pioneered unique energy management schemes that allow close control over power and heat, creating a huge reductions in energy consumption and controlled thermal output. The lower energy usage reduces carbon emissions and is therefore beneficial to the environment.

Energy Efficient

LED technology enables far less energy consumption than traditional forms of lighting, up to 90% when compared with incandescent lighting and 50% when compared to a compact fluorescent lamp. Juice uses its unique techniques to further increase efficiency.

Long Life

Juice LED technology enables the life expectancy of the lighting to be extended, having an operational life of between 35,000 and 50,000 hours. (35,000 hours is approximately a 20 years life span if you operate the lights between 4-5 hours a day). Once installed regular light-bulb changing will be a thing of the past.

Cost Saving

Juice continues to develop its technology to reduce the cost of LED fixtures through improving efficiency and thus reducing the heat generated within each fixture. This has led to Juice developed products achieving cost leading positions in the market without sacrificing performance and life. Combined with the minimal energy consumption and maintenance benefits, this has led to payback times of below 2 years and reducing.

Installation and Maintenance

Simple installation and very low maintenance makes Juice lighting easy to fit to new builds or as a replacement for existing lighting. Installation costs are dramatically reduced and ongoing service costs virtually eliminated.

Dimming Capabilities

The control of LED lighting systems is critical to maximising energy savings and reducing payback times as well as providing the right environment for work and leisure. The ability of Juice’s technology to operate with all dimming systems, achieving a range of <10% to 100%, provides leading performance which can be further enhanced, cost effectively, by the addition of occupancy and daylight sensors. This also allows the fixtures to be installed within existing controlled environments, simplifying retrofit applications.








Green Agenda

Green Agenda

Industry Changes




 News Update


September 2009 - Juice designed LED surface mount luminaires shipping in North America through Sea Gull Lighting

November 2009 - Juice Technology wins the London Technology Fund Design and Technology Sector Award -
February 2010 - Juice selected to take part in the Clean and Cool Mission 2010 to Silicon Valley -
February 2010 - Juice designed luminaire wins Next Generation Luminaires Award - Next Generation Luminaires -