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 J100 UnivPSU - Juice Universal Power Supply Unit

This unit is simple to install and is compatible with every type of LED luminiaire, system or module. It provides a 24 volt output power and is a universal 120 / 240 input power. It is also compatible with incandescent lighting. The power supply is able to simultaneously run different luminaires and configure the lights for a consistent illumination. The power unit contains the unique Juice dimming facility that enables major power savings.

The unit enables lighting to be controlled, allowing for savings in energy and cost. One unique feature of the Juice universal power supply is its ability to be dimmed to low levels and decrease the power consumption based on the brightness. Brightness can range between 5% and 100%. The energy and cost saving comes from the linear relationship between brightness and power consumption unlike incandescent of fluorescent systems. This application is ideal for using alongside daylight compensation systems and will create a more energy and cost effective solution to lighting. The universal power supply unit has a very long life, the mean time before failure is 200,000 hours.