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 JLS2.1 - Juice Linear System

The JLS2.1 combines the latest in LED technology, energy efficiency and durability to produce a reliable track lighting system that is easy to install and maintain. The system takes advantage of highly effective JUICE technology. Utilising LED’s in conjunction with highly efficient power distribution and control methods, huge savings in energy and cost can be obtained. This development provides long life, up to 50,000 hours per module, and reduced power consumption. The flexibility and ease of installation means the JLS2.1 can be cost effective in existing or new buildings. The low profile aluminium track is easily attached to most surfaces using adhesive or screws. Once the track is installed the ‘easy-clip’ LED modules can be re-sited any number of times to create the desired lighting effect. Self sealing wire insulation means that the integrity of the system is assured and enables easy maintenance even when the system is powered up. The module provides exceptional and uniform light output with colour temperature choice to create the right mood making it incredibly versatile and ideal for designers and those with a discerning eye for quality.

Multiple tracks can be linked together to create long runs and angled connectors are available for changes in direction. Up to 150 light modules can be powered by one ultra efficient 100W Juice Universal Power Supply and can be loaded on to the track at a distribution density of 50 per metre giving a substantial 1850 lumens per linear metre. The CRI of 95 make it the ideal for many vertical and horizontal uses.

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