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 LED Technology Beniefits

Environmentally Friendly

Juice Technology Ltd has pioneered unique energy management schemes that allow close control over power and heat, creating a huge reduction in energy consumption and controlled thermal output. The lower energy usage reduces carbon emissions and is therefore beneficial to the environment.

Energy Efficient

LED technology enables far less energy consumption than traditional forms of lighting, up to 90% when compared with incandescent lighting and 50% when compared to a compact fluorescent lamp. Juice uses its unique techniques to further increases efficiency.

Long Life

Juice LED technology enables the life expectancy of the lighting to be extended, having an operational life of between 35,000 and 50,000 hours. (35,000 hours is approximately a 20 years life span if you operate the lights between 4-5 hours a day). Once installed regular light-bulb changing will be a thing of the past.

Cost Saving

Juice continues to develop its technology to reduce the cost of LED fixtures through improving efficiency and thus reducing the heat generated within each fixture. This has led to Juice developed products achieving cost leading positions in the market without sacrificing performance and life. Combined with the minimal energy consumption and maintenance benefits, this has led to payback times of below 2 years and reducing, a position that will be further enhanced with its unique distribution systems.

Installation and Maintenance

Simple installation and very low maintenance makes Juice lighting easy to fit to new builds or as a replacement for existing lighting. Installation costs are dramatically reduced and ongoing service costs virtually eliminated.

High Performance and Design

The exceptional brightness of Juice LED Fixtures, combines the latest in design and technology to provide an aesthetically pleasing light wherever fitted. These fixtures can be incorporated into architectural designs to provide high quality lighting solutions while delivering major energy savings.