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 Lighting for a Sustainable Future

In today’s society we are all very conscious of the impact we are having on the environment. In order to ensure a sustainable future it is important to make the right decisions that reduce the impact on the environment by looking at energy consumption, CO2 emissions and waste.

Due to technological advances lighting using LEDs is a now a far more environmentally friendly, energy efficient and economically viable option. Without compromising on performance this is still the case when compared with traditional lighting methods, including fluorescent and halogen lighting.

LEDs now produce high levels of brightness using a significantly reduced amount of power. The Juice Surface Mount Downlight is able to produce an impressive 50 Lumens per Watt which is far more efficient than other alternatives.

Juice has worked to reduce the number of components needed to produce the light. LEDs contain no environmentally harmful substances and with incredibly long life expectancy the impact on the environment is minimised.

While regular incandescent or low energy light bulbs potentially only emit 60-70% of their light from a typical fitting a LED alternative can emit as much as 95%, providing further benefits. Juice’s understanding and expertise in all the disciplines involved in designing and manufacturing LED luminaire; optics, thermal management, power and control ensure the ground breaking techniques maximize light output whilst minimising energy consumption and consequent carbon emissions.

 Comparison with existing lighting

This chart shows the Juice Surface Mount Downlight compared to equivalent rivals the 18W TC-D (compact fluorescent light, CFL) and QPAR16 (halogen light).

Solutions SM LED  18W TC-D QPAR16
Lamp Type Juice LED CFL Halogen
Lumens 700 648 540
Input Power (Watt) 14 24 50
Lumens per Watt 50 27 10.8
Lifetime (Hours) 35,000 12,000 2,500